Technology| Definition, Importance, Types, Examples 2021


Technology| Definition, Importance, Types, Examples 2021

Technology is that the application of information for a sensible purpose. In simpler terms, technology is something that can do a task in a much more efficient and easier way from that a human being would and can do.

Technology can be traced far back to ancient times, such as using stone tools or before the 4th millennium BC, the wheel. In fact, the word “technology” comes from the Greek word “techne” which means “art” or “craft”. Then around the 18th century, the Industrial Revolution’ started in Great Britain which introduced various fascinating innovations, like the still rarely used steam engine.


Top 10 Trending Technology in India 2021

It developed as time advanced and nowadays we have the likes of information technology (IT) and genetic engineering. The most essential form of mechanization has been communication technology. People were always looking for ways to improve how they could send messages across from one place to another, which included inventions like the telegraph and sending birds with letters tied to them to the receiver’s address. And in modern times, all we have to do is type the information or message we want to get across to a person or people and the “send” button on our device, and within milliseconds the other person will receive it.


Technology can create any family or business feel safer. There are several security devices and package accessible to secure your monetary data, defend your home after you are away, and far more. Technology is important because it causes you to feel safer with each space in life for personal and business reasons.

7 Importance of Technology in Our Life Today

  1. Technology Helps Improve Communication
  2. Protection Against Attacks
  3. Unlimited supply of knowledge
  4. Increased employee engagement
  5. Explore new markets for growth
  6. Technology need technology to work efficiently
  7. Technology Increases the Capacity of the Business

We see in our society these days that computers have become a vital part. Most people rely on the internet for their daily life chores and targets, especially since the ongoing worldwide pandemic, more jobs are now on online platforms than ever. Artificial Intelligence is also gradually being implemented on a large scale and already has too, for example, the popular “Siri” virtual assistant and on many websites such as YouTube and Netflix, A.I. is used for algorithmic purposes.

Types of Technology’s

1.Communication Technology
2.Entertainment Technology
3.Agriculture Technology
4.Robotics Business Technology
5.Educational Technology
6.Robotics Technology
7.Construction Technology
8.Product Technology
9.Medical Technology
10.Architecture Technology I
11.Infomation Technology
12.Space Technology
13.Artificial Intelligence
14. Superintelligence
15.Assistive Technology
16. Operation Technology

Technology has revolutionized numerous methods of our lives. It has generated staggering tools and resources and has allowed us to access these things at our fingertips. Never has, for say, buying clothes been effortless than it is now. You simply go on a website, choose your product online and it gets delivered right to your doorstep. The same goes for food and much more.


However, as with all things in life, technology also has positives as well as negatives. We have undoubtedly seen an effect on our sleeping habits and schedules, as most devices emit a blue light, which causes the human eye to be awake even at the time of night and can flush off sleep for hours. Our attention span has also been cut short because it engages us very strictly and often times distracts us. Procrastination is one of the major drawbacks of technology. Widespread use of “social media” leads people to be addicted every second and sometimes unconditionally waste a lot of their time and neglect their daily routine and tasks.

Examples of technology

  1. Machine
  2. Simple Machine
  3. Equipment
  4. Vehicles
  5. Computer
  6. Software
  7. Information Technology
  8. Network
  9. Sensors
  10. Robotic
  11. Artificial intelligence
  12. Infrastructure
  13. Energy
  14. Materials
  15. Architecture
  16. Medical
  17. Food
  18. Entertainment
  19. Internet of things l
  20. Lw technology
  21. High technology
  22. Nanotechnology
  23. Services
  24. Space

With the onrushing world, new diseases such as obesity have emerged, and the use of computer devices plays a huge role in this problem as well. As many important workspaces such as office and online banking have come forth, many have malicious intent and may attempt to commit crimes and terrorism among other privacy concerns anonymously. Tracking these people becomes quite a strenuous task as the usage of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and other various tools can completely mask the identity of a person behind the screen.

Technology is unquestionably the future of the globe and civilization, and it has been a key in shaping up the modern part of everything we see. Proper usage of technology with the side-effects in mind can help us minimize the problems related to it and help us utilize most of our time profoundly and in a satisfactory manner.

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