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What are SSD And HDD? 2021

What are SSD And HDD? If you are going to buy a new laptop or computer, then one of the confusion that is prevailing today is whether we should go with the latest storage drive nowadays called SSD or with the same old HDD. Friends, Solid State Drive is the full form of SSD. Nowadays you will see that those who have high-end computers and laptops, whose prices are high, get SSD instead of HDD. There is no simple or simple answer here, which one is better in both of these and which one will be right for you. Because the needs of all people are different, they will have to make the decision that which will be right for them. In low and medium-budget computers, you get to see more HDDs. There are a few reasons for this to happen, which you will find below in detail.

What Is SSD ?

Solid State Drive

Full-Form of SSD is (Solid State Drive). SSD is a storage drive that has been used for a long time. that can do everything that HDDs do. SSD is very fast compared to HDD. The first commercial flash-based SSD was Shipped by SanDisk in 1991. The latest technology is used in SSD, there are no moving parts in it. They also work when it does not get any power. The SSD consists of data write and read electronically. NAND-based flash memory is used as an SSD. Which does not lose data even after the system is turned off. Its life is also very much. Because it does not have moving parts, which reduces the chances of them getting damaged.

SSD works like Pen Drive and Memory Card. Its speed is many times more than HDD. But it costs 3-4 times more than HDD. So you will see that the laptops which have SSD are very expensive. SSDs are available in the same size as HDDs. With this, they are easily installed on a laptop or computer instead of a Hard Disk Drive.

What is HDD?

Hard Disk Drive

The Full-Form od HDD is (Hard Disk Drive). These are a storage drive which has been used for a long time. HDD was invented by IBM in 1956. HDDs have moving parts. There is a spinning platter to read and write data that rotates. The faster these spinning platter rotates, the faster the data read and write. Most HDDs are available today come with 5400 rpm and 7200 rpm speed.

You get an HDD with very high storage options. So if you want more storage space then you can go with HDD. In 2018, 500 GB HDD has been given as a minimum in laptops and computers. You can also get 1000 GB (1TB) HDD easily on the budget laptop. In appearance, HDDs look similar to SSDs. The thickness of the HDD used in the laptop is 2.5.

The Difference Between SSD And HDD?

Both SSD and HDD have storage drives that store your date and work to boot the system. The work is the same but both have some differences.

SSD is a very fast speed comparison to HDD.HDD is a very slow speed compared to SSD.
PC or Laptop is booted done in Seconds.PC or Laptop is booted done in minutes.
Its average bootup time is 10–13 seconds.Its average bootup time is 30–40 seconds.
The speed of copying and writing any file is from 200 MB/s to 550 MB /s.The speed of copying and writing any file is from 50 to 120 MB /s.
SSD is about 4-5 times more expensive than HDD.HDD was cheaper than SSD.
It does not have a moving part, it does not produce much vibration in it.There is spinning of platters due to which vibration is common in it.
It does not demand much power, there are no moving parts in it, due to this it produces very little heat. Compared to SSD its produces more heat because it has moving parts that are constantly moving.
The cost of 1TB SSD is approximately Rs 10,000.The cost of 1TB HDD is approximately Rs 5,000.

If you wanna a drive with more storage capacity, then HDD will be a better option for you. Today’s low-cost computers also have HDD with 1 TB space which can be up to 8 TB. Because SSDs are very expensive, they have to be compromised with low storage capacity. Most computers come with SSD ranging from 120 GB to 500 GB. There is no moving part in SSD which makes it safer. The risk of HDD malfunction due to falling laptop or any pressure is high. The probability of data loss in SSD is very less. If we talk about Life then SSD is better here too.

HDD consumes more power than SSD. The HDD takes around 6-7 watts of power, the same 5SD consumes 2-3 watts of power. Therefore, it has been seen that the device which has SSD gives more battery backups. Whenever there is a data copy or paste, the spinning platter rotates in the HDD causing the sound. The faster it travels, the more sound will be generated. SSDs are non-mechanical so no such sounds.

Which is the better option for you SSD or HDD?

Friends, by comparison of the above SSD and HDD, you will know what will happen if they have some advantages, then they also have some disadvantages. If you have to buy a laptop or computer and you are confused about both these storage drives, then you must first understand what your needs are and you will have to decide accordingly. Let’s know some points from which you will know whether you have to take HDD or SSD.

SSD (Solid State Drive)

  • For whom speed matters the most, even if they have to spend more money for it.
  • SSD does not offer much storage space. So people who work in less space can go for SSD.
  • SSD is a better option for greater data safety.
  • Like the Memory Stick, it has no moving parts.
  • Here the data is stored in a MicroChip.
  • SSD uses NAND-based Flash memory.
  • It is a non-volatile memory.

HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

  • If your budget is less then you can take HDD. HDDs cost significantly less than SSD.
  • If you want more storage space, then you should take a laptop or computer with HDD.
  • In this, you will get more storage space for less money.
  • If speed does not matter that much for you, then HDD can be taken.
  • One of the biggest advantages of using an HDD is that you can keep a lot of data in it at a very low price.

If we talk about India, then even today, HDD is the most liked people because everyone wants more space by reducing the speed here. They need all the features in their budget, due to which they have no problem in adopting HDD as compared to SSD.

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